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    Oyédo by Diptyque

    Nothing I have tried by Diptyque can be considered a conventional fragrance Every scent pushes the envelope (and in a different direction) and Oyédo is no exception. To me the opening smells like grape soda. Grape soda has an artificial grape smell to it, but somehow it draws me in. I think others have likened it to Japanese muscat candies (which I have never smelled). The next thing that hits me is lime with undertones of thyme. Lime dominates the rest of the development after the grape fades away. It is intense and biting, but somehow it feels comfortable and captivating. Somehow I feel I should be hating this scent, but instead I am liking it a lot. Finally I get some faint smoky undertones.

    Will I buy Oyédo? No; I can't see wearing it,except on a rare day when I feel a tad crazy. I don't know for whom it is best suited. Perhaps a sharp, mature teenage girl: I can picture that. Regardless, I think Oyédo is interesting and well-done, even if a bit odd and for that I commend it!

    07th July, 2008

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