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    Alien by Thierry Mugler

    I got a sample of this and liked how it smelled on the paper. However, when I tried it one me it didn't smell so hot. I wore the sample once and that was even worse. Well, I was shopping for new frags and something told me to try it again. This time it really smelled good on my skin. I'm thinking that the sample I had must have been old or had something wrong with it. Anyhoo, I quickly purchased it. I kept smelling my arm over and over. Eureka!! I knew exactly what to add to this unique frag. Aveda Patchouli. Let me tell you something. Every single time I wear these two together I get stopped by someone wanting to know what I have on. No lie. Everytime I wear it!!! I looooooove this perfume. I'm not much on "note" identities, but I knew that the Aveda patchouli would be a perfect note to blend with this perfume. I will definitely purchase this on the regular. By the way, my S/O loves this on me. The 1st time I wore it, he talked about it all night. It was a very lovely night too.....tee hee.

    05th July, 2007

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