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    Ma Dame by Jean Paul Gaultier

    I love this perfume. I only wish it came in EDP. I tested this and the first thing that came to mind is one of those sprays they use in the auto shops, magic markers and or the scent of spray paint. As I walked around the store, the cleaning/spray paint smell seemed to fade and I had this wonderful sweet and beautiful scent start to evolve. Now, Divatologist doesn't just have a sweet tooth. All my teeth are sweet. Hell, who am I kidding I'm sweet all over....*giggle*. Oh yeah, the perfume Madame. Well, I try not to impulse buy, but I just had to have this frag. I just couldn't figure it out, but this frag smelled like something from my past. The other day it hit me like a ton of bricks!! I was talking to my Mommy and that's when it hit me. When I was a little girl, I would sit it the bathroom when my Moms would take her makeup off and paint her nails. She used Ponds Cold Cream. Madame reminds me of those times. It smells like a cross between Ponds Cold Cream, fingernail polish remover, and the Now & Laterz I was always chewing on. I remember how much fun it was to watch my Mommy just being beautiful and wanting to be just like her. I think that this perfume not only appeals to me because of this sweet memory, but it appeals to the odd things that I like the smell of. I like the smell of gasoline, paint, magic markers, and the weird sweet smell of some of those sprays the mechanics use on cars. Madame is "Quirky" just like CoL said, but that's what I love about this perfume. I get wonderful whiffs of this stuff throughout the day every time I wear it. The dry down is absolutely beautiful in Madame. On me, it is a very sweet floral. I just love it on me. So if you like the smell of Ponds, fingernail polish remover, and candy, then this is the perfume to try lol. Seriously, it is a wonderful sweet floral that is young at heart. It's fun and flirty. Gourmand lovers this is definitely a treat for the sweets in you.

    20th September, 2008

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