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    Winter Star by Michael Storer

    I am actually wearing Winter Star as I type this and I just had to do my review today. I must say that this is one of the best spicy/woodsy/oriental type fragrances I have smelled thus far. I absolutely love Winter Star. Michael Storer "put his big toe in this one". That's what us country folks like to say when something taste good. I didn't taste it, but Honey it smells that damn good. It is definitely a unisex fragrance. Winter Star reminds me alot of the hankey perfumes from India. It lasts until you wash it off and you might still have a little trace after that even. You only need a couple of sprays of this, but "Diva" has a tendency to be a bit heavy handed with it cause I just love it so. If you want longevity and sillage, then Winter Star is definitely what you want.

    Now it does have a bit of "skanky" business going on. It's skanky in a good way though if that's possible...*giggle*. It's skanky like you're in a night club and the hottest sexiest song comes on. You've already danced about 3 songs with this hot & sexy guy and you're both wet with sweat. The sexual tension mounts and your attraction becomes magnetic. This song draws you closer to the point you're almost in his shirt and your bodies move in one sexy synonymous motion. The smell of sweat and cologne, and perfume, and pheromones, and you can feel his heart beat in his....Oh Child!! Diva needs a moment. Oh Yeah Honey! Winter Star is skanky like that. You just smell Winter Star and it evokes 'sex'iness instantly.

    Believe me when I say that Michael Storer is the man!! Winter Star is definitely a "STAR"! It's like no other fragrance you have ever smelled before. If you love spicy/woodsy/oriental/incense/hankey perfume type fragrances, then you definitely have to try Michael Storer's Winter Star.

    27th January, 2009

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