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    Womanity by Thierry Mugler

    This is yet another beauty from Mugler! Very different in the opening: starts with slightly sweet, slightly salty fruity note with a tiny touch of the caviar note coming through. It gives the fragrance a hint of "ocean" to it. Not aquatic as in other aquatic fragrances, actually "oceanic", almost fishy! Sounds odd and even unpleasant but this give the fragrance an animalistic edge. This note doesn't last too long and fades into the background popping out here and there to remind you of its presence.
    The fragrance then settles into a slightly sweet, slightly salty "plump" mild fig/fig wood accord. To my nose as it progresses there is a little touch of vanilla to it.
    I can honestly say, in the decades I have been involved in fragrance, I have never known a fragrance last so long! Also, my nose never seems to tire of it. Everyone eventually will get nose fatigue when smelling fragrances, but for some reason, I can constantly smell this!
    Mugler say that a new technology was involved in creating this fragrance, a technology that truly captures the essence of a substance that you could not normally extract a compound usable in fragrance production. I would assume this would the caviar note. Very clever, very Mugler!
    As much as this fragrance is pink and called Womanity, I find it really rather unisex. I think Mugler could have easily released this fragrance as a gender free and called it, Humanity.
    I'm a man and I will certainly be wearing this, a lot!

    02nd October, 2010 (Last Edited: 18th October, 2010)

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