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    Cool Water by Davidoff

    Cool Water comes in a nice bottle, packed in a nice blue box. On first whiff the opens notes reminds me of "Fruit Loops," or fruit flavored hard candy. If it were only a fragarance that smelled like "Fruit Loops," I might actually find Cool Water an amusing olfactory joke, and give it to a young adolscent niece or nephew if I had one. He or she might like it or have a friend that likes it.

    In my opinion, Cool Water is just fragrance like Eternity that has the distinctive and unmistakable ozone like note of "synthetic fresh." In this case it is "bound" to a fake fruit scent. As hard as it may be for some of us to fathom, like consumers at large, some Basenoters actually like the dry down smell of "synthetic fresh," even greatly like it, but others like myself find "synthetic fresh," "cheap smelling," distracting, annoying, and disgusting, even to the point of causing headache and nausea.

    As I have learned, one needs to just develop and trust one's own nose not trust the marketing hype, the best seller lists, and the recommendations of others and whenever possible, thoroughly "try before you buy."

    My recommendation is to try it.

    [Note to perfumers: I for one will avoid "synthethic fresh" like the plague because I find it repulsive.]

    26th March, 2007

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