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    Vetiver de Java by Il Profumo

    il Profumo makes some spectacular scents.
    There is a house base-fragrance, like Guerlain has a "guerlinade" (profumanade?), which appears in a few of the masculines. If I struggle to dissect this fragrance I would put forth the following ingredients: musk, a light dose of a woody camphorous smell-- perhaps birch tar, and a more than healthy dose of what seems to me Calone. It has an aquatic vibe without being palpably aquatic. Make any sense?
    Anyhow. On to Vetiver de Java. Not really sure I pick up much (any?) vetiver here... don't come looking for a vetiver stronghold in this. The aforementioned house note is pretty much what predominates from beginning to end. As for luckyscent's description, which often leads me to believe that they were creative-writing English majors before they got an MBA, they couldn't even spin a yarn beyond what the company's website says about it. On top of all this, the concentration seems weak.
    Thumb sideways, as this scent isn't dreadful, just unnecessary. Tempted to give it a thumbs down as I'm miffed at a lack of another good vetiver in the world of scent... but one tries to remain unruffled.

    31st August, 2008

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