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    Jardin de Kerylos 16 by Parfumerie Generale

    One of the finest figs I've come across. JdK has a very VERY green fig accord which teters on the smell of a freshly-picked peach, fuzz warmed in the sun. While this may suggest a foody resonance, it is not gourmand in any way. There is just the faintest glimmer of something animalic as it quickly begins its descent from the lofty and fruited heights.

    As Vibert says, it doesn't last; but I am of a mind on scents such as this-- so beautiful, so evanescent; catching a fleeting glimpse of a satyr dancing in the sun dappled wood, the image remains etched in the mind as something beautiful, remembered. As I sit at the desk in the shortened days of November, this scent conjures a golden sunlight, and vistas through the trees of a warm oceanic coast. I'll tell you what: anything bottled that can do this is aces in my opinion.

    10th November, 2008

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