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    No. 5 by Chanel

    I love the Edp....Its stronger and richer than the Edt. But I have to admit, I acquired a taste for this (or smell, if you will) and also, since I purchased this on Ebay, I am not sure how old it is. I have a new bottle that was purchased and they both have a similar smell so I would say its fresh and vintage. One thing I have learned, if you buy a vintage perfume, you should buy a perfume that is either in dark container or a perfume that has been stored in its own box. They keep well that way and won't smell like alchohol. Anyway back to No 5. I feel this is a safe fragrance. I have some that would probably offend some one who can't stand fragrance at work. Cathedral, by Bpal is one. I absolutely adore this incensey perfume oil, but I could see someone &%$@#ing about it at work. Don't you hate that?? So go lightly. Also I seen the movie "Coco before Chanel" which is all in French and you have to read it, but it is really good. I came to appreciate Chanel and all her earlier fragrances after seeing this movie. She was a conservative in the way she liked to dress. Sometimes at work I liked to dress somewhat "manly" I call it. Dress pants, vest, tie, jacket and victorian boots witha low heel. Oh and a watch and fob. With Chanel no 5 to complete the look. Yeah.

    17th August, 2010

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