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    Roma Uomo by Laura Biagiotti

    Roma Uomo is a mess. If you can imagine this, it has notes of sharp citrus, a dark souring oakmoss note, with strong notes of vanilla, musk and sandalwood. I've heard it described as a sweet orange sorbet, and to some extent it is, but only if you added some sour milk to the mix. If anything, it smells like a very strange, sweet oriental women's musk fragrance gone completely bad. They try to make it more masculine with the oakmoss middle note but it just makes it messier instead. It is one of the most cloying fragrances I've had the displeasure of wearing. The notes simply do not work. I have so wanted to like this one that I even tried another bottle that I knew was fresh just to make sure mine wasn't bad. Same smell. I then made a friend of mine wear it to see if it was simply my body chemistry that wasn't working with it. Again, same smell. Orange, oakmoss, sandalwood and vanilla do not work together on a man, nay; no one should smell like this. If you crave a sweet vanilla fragrance, splurge and get Etra by Etro instead. Etra works in all the areas Roma failed. The only upside to Roma Uomo is that it is long lasting, so that's a bonus if you like smelling putrid.

    06th March, 2004

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