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    Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

    Not at all a barber-shop perfume...I don't get that - at all!

    It has this smooth, dark and cool stringent woodiness, peppered with a note that, for a long time, I found hard to determine, let alone describe...

    As for now, I can describe this note as dense, sweet and bitter at the same time...a blend of clove, pepper and anise, with the anise dominating.

    I have to say, most fragrances that feature a dominant licorice or anise note, give me a rotten headache...but not this. Its there, and its in your face, but it doesn't give you a migraine. I also usually find that that type of note gives my nose an unpleasant tingling feeling - yet again - it doesn't do that in this perfume - but it is there, and if I use too much, it perturbsme in a way that I can't say I like.

    All in all, the patchouli, cedar, guaiac and oakmoss keep the balance there, and are all notably present throughout. The rosemary gives it a nice herbal coolness, coupled with the bergamot. However, as with all anise/licorice scents, this could do with a little less of that note, and more of the woody/herbaceous notes it otherwise features very nicely!

    02nd July, 2007

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