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    Derby by Guerlain

    I believe what I have is a vintage version of Derby. To me, it is a nice, well-behaved, and refined leather/suede fragrance. It is incredibly long-lasting - as I write this, it's been 14 hours since application this morning and I can still pick up hints of its soft, suede goodness - but it is a quiet, reserved scent all the way through. In the few times that I've worn Derby, it is never loud, brash, or even particularly bold, but it *is* a fragrance that would be likened to a quietly confident gentleman with a friendly smile, but never truly chummy and always maintaining a proper bit of social distance from others. When I first tried Derby, I had expected something stronger and more prominently leather, but each time I wear it I find that it grows on me just a little bit more. I still am not wow'd by Derby, but I do enjoy it. I wouldn't consider it worth the price that it commands, but I have to say that if I'm going for suede, this is a much, much nicer experience than Daim Blond which to me has barely any suede and is altogether too fruity and sweet to be considered a nice leather (it'd be a nice gourmand to me, though). Derby has a notable sweetness to it, and speaks softly and feels suitably light for a leather, but it is quality all the way through - smooth and refined with impressive endurance, I have to say this is a solid, high-quality fragrance that I enjoy. Unfortunately, I just can't consider it at the top of any list I could come up with.

    10th December, 2008

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