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    Vera Wang for Men by Vera Wang

    A nice but generally run-of-the-mill fragrance. It has a bit of sweetness in its top and heart notes, but it isn't altogether an olfactory dessert. There's something sharp and "bubbly" in the topnotes that I would have to assume are aldehydes of some sort - it reminds me of Platinum Egoiste's opening in that regard. I can't identify the specific notes in Vera Wang for Men, but there's something about it that rounds it out and grounds it so that it never gets too sweet nor too sharp. There's something that gives it some weight and substance, likely what gives it a sense of formality or classiness. I think it could be worn quite well as either a casual or more dressy fragrance - but its longevity is rather lacking. After about 2 hours on my first test, it was really quite weak. It lasts like an EDC, from the few that I've tried thus far.

    Overall, Vera Wang for Men is nice, but I'm certainly not buying a bottle of this after my sample runs out - assuming I even feel like using it up.

    01st September, 2008

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