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    Monsieur Jovan by Jovan

    Monsieur the great fragrance, a subtle and attractive scent. Mixed with the body heat is produces an air just enough to turn a head and make them want to follow or find out the point of origin. When I had access to this fragrance I only wore it 1-2 times per week to assure it kept its allure and mystery. It was almost like a magnet ...regardless of age 18 to 50+ would ask me what I was wearing. I was rather miffed when all of the sudden it seem to disappear ...for most of the time I spent years trying to find another to come close to this fragrance - to date -- I have found none to compare. Had I known it was going away I would have driven to the factory and bought at least 1-2 cases ... yes it is that good and I would still do it today should I ever find a stash ! LOL Cmon COTY INC ...test the market again --- just try it out for 1 year ( like start in October so you can catch the holiday crowd ) it WILL be a big hit ---you already have a market built in ! any one won was 15 to 30 in the late 70's and early 80's ! Internet sales ads will surely boost sales --- go for it ! ps : pls sign me up for a case. TY !!!!

    29th April, 2007

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