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    Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

    For the modern man who knows what he desires... blah blah blah Yes, it's one of those... in that it's not different, it's not limited edition, it's not one of a kind, it's not niche, it doesn't tell a story, it doesn't whisper dirty secrets in your ear, but it does smell good. Past the top notes, we have something so familiar that you could switch bottles with half the offerings at designer fragrance counters and not know the difference. But in the top there is mango, a little sour and leaning a little towards mango/cilantro puree: I do smell fresh cilantro in there whether it's there or not. After a while the top notes mingle with the aquatics of the middle creating a relaxing, breezy freshness. Underneath all of this, from beginning to end I sense the haziness of soft woods, or something like wood dust, which adds a subtle sensuality. I just can't find the patchouli. I know it's there because a) they named it "patchouli noire" and b) there IS something earthy and sensual going on in the base but it doesn't present itself rawly like patchouli can do. A couple hours down the road, this dries down to a nice woody/aquatic that is light years from anything dark, mysterious, or, well, black.

    12th November, 2007

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