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    Romance by Ralph Lauren

    Many times in the perfumery i have just handled the bottle and finding the smell ordinary, left it without trying.Then when i have been planning to get pregnant, i have checked cosmeticsdatabase for perfumes and this is one of the reasonable in between the healthy ones. So i have purchased it online without trying. The result; i like it very much. I used to like florals even more when i was younger and ten years ago, this would be a jewel to me. Though my taste draw away from floras in the past years it is still very nice to me. The most spotting note is the rose. I am not fond of roses but suprisingly that is not annoying to me. (O.k i have to be clearer; i live in turkey and we have a wacky relationship with roses. Rose water is everywhere. It is used to tonic face and babies and treat to guests, added to some food mainly deserts like turkish delight and some othman halvah and jams made from rose petals and of course some drinks containing rose aroma; and guess which is most popular gardening plant and most popular air freshener scent around here... so is it clear that i am in the boundary of hating rose smell). i can enjoy that rosy fragrance. I guess this is because of the nice blend and the unique quality of the rose used. Definitely best rosy fragrance i have met...

    10th May, 2008

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