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    Beau Gosse by Fragonard

    Another great scent from Fragonard. I got a 600ml aluminium flask for 50 Euro!! Bargain!! Don't be fooled by the cheap prices, this is not cheap smelling perfume. Top draw stuff without all the marketing costs of more famous brand names. I first discovered Fragonard on a trip tp Paris with my wife. We want into the Fragonard perfume museum for a look and ended up buying stuff for both of us in the store there. That was 15 years ago. With the benefit of google/the internet I recently found the online store and have stocked up on 5 different bottles of scent for me and 6 for my wife.

    Anyway on with reviewing this one. Beau Gosse is a very fresh summer smell in my opinion.There is a definate cardamon kick to it in the top and middle notes. It has a really fresh open smell which is masculine but leans towards unisex. Very modern and clean. Top quality perfume. Big thumbs up from me, highly recommended.

    I'm going to add reviews of the other Fragonard scents we own onto the site because I think this house is great value and doesn't seem to get reviewed much. Don't get thinking I work there or something,I dont!! Just trying to contribute something useful.

    Best Regards


    27th December, 2007

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