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    Eau de Sisley 3 by Sisley

    I seem to agree with Kaern all the way! Indeed No 3 is what may worth a serious try from the whole range of Eau de Sisley. Now as Kaern has already gone through the official notes I will not get into that. I will only let you know how I feel the fragrance working on my skin. To me the vanilla and the musk translated into the euphoria of carnation. As 3 dries down my impression that it resembles to CdG classic no2 still holds strong; however, it is likely that CdG 2 lasts longer than Eau de Sisley 3. Actually for the last three hours Eau de Sisley 3 has impressed me a lot compared to the other two offerings of the collection. And mind you that I at first thought that 2 was more interesting, well 3 actually does the trick… I have avoided addressing the gender issue of any of the three Eau de Sisley since only a test can prove if a perfume works on your skin as you wish or not. Eau de Sisley 3 can also be considered more feminine, on my skin for instance this seems to me to be the sweetest of the three.

    21st June, 2009

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