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    Safran Troublant by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    I had tried a sample of Safran Troublant a while back and found it quite intriguing, very different from many of the more floral L'Artisan fragrances I've tested. Finding a whole bottle at a decent price, though, wasn't the easiest task, but I finally managed to get a partial bottle from a swap site.

    Yesterday was my first public wearing of the scent. I knew I had an exacting day ahead of me--an appointment with my therapist (because one always feels a bit "troublant") plus as many errands as I could fit in before the anticipated thunderstorms. Although my experience has been that many L'Artisan fragrances are quite short on sillage and longevity, Safran Troublant nevertheless outlasted my own energy, and it was still going strong when I collapsed into an early bed last night.

    On me, Safran Troublant is a heady, voluptuous spicy oriental. Saffron, I find, is the most prominent note, surrounded by a rich and harmonious blend of passion flower, rose, and vanilla. Every now and then I got a whiff of sandalwood emerging from under my clothing when I moved suddenly. All in all, I was surrounded by a luxuriously pleasant but unobtrusive aura of fragrance for over eight hours.

    The scent developed very little over time--but when something is this lovely, who wants it to change?

    21st August, 2010

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