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    L'Ete en Douce / Extrait de Songes by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    A pleasant white floral that, for no apparently good reason, I purchased as part of an eBay user's clearance of her zillions of fragrances on hand. Feeling giddy after bidding much too much (and winning!) a nearly full bottle of Chanel Bois des Îles from her, I thought "Why not?" and went after this as well.

    It is, as I've said, pleasant enough. The mint, rose, and orange blossom are well balanced, but the musk is far too dominant for me. (I must admit that having spent my twenties during the polyester decade--the 70s--I have a low tolerance--no, utter disdain--for certain musks as they remind me of the sweaty discos and dimly-lit steakhouses with dark wood paneling that I was obliged to visit with my office mates from a job that enabled me to go to college.) The musk is relatively "clean"; but it's still enough to make me hear the Bee Gees singing "Night Fever."

    Still, L'Ete en Douce has its commendable qualities, my own sensibilities notwithstanding. It's pleasant, inoffensive, and has better sillage than most L'Artisan florals. "Summer in Sweet" is an appropriate name for it--even though I keep confusing it with the title of a Tennessee Williams play. (Come to think of it, I might actually prefer a fragrance called Summer and Smoke!) I would recommend it to a feminine woman who wants a "safe" fragrance for daytime wear. Sexy it is not, though I wouldn't dismiss it as "bland"--more in the vein of not terribly exciting. But I'm definitely a butch gal who likes to push the envelope (so to speak) and "safe" is not a word to describe most of the fragrances I love.

    I might wear this on a day when I'm not teaching or going anywhere. (Although my family was poor and my Dutch Calvinist mother clutched the purse strings tightly, she allowed for two extravagances that every woman needs--high quality shoes and wearing perfume daily.) It would also be very nice for just freshening up the air at home. On the other hand, it might wind up on the "free shelf" in my office at the university from which students may take anything (the books, CDs, DVDs, neckties, fragrances or whatever that I choose not to keep) they fancy. If it introduces some young woman (or man!) to something more advanced than the usual celebutante fragrance, then I've contributed to their education.

    01st June, 2010

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