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    Louve by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    I didn't really have high hopes for Louve, though I now see that my doubts were without foundation. I had a sample and I was prepared to use it on a quiet Sunday afternoon when there was no one to bother besides myself.

    Oh my my my my! My first thought was "wine?" But not exactly. No wine ever smelled this rich and sweet. It was more like some fabulous apertif or brandy--Berry? Cherry? Spicy too--too gorgeous, too luxurious to be written off as just another gourmand.

    Then, just as I was fully appreciating its intoxicating headiness, it all seemed to vanish. (Well, I thought, maybe I need a bigger sample.) Or did it? Throughout the rest of the day and evening an occasional whiff of sensual sweetness would creep up on me, and even after a lengthy nap (and competing with the BenGay rubbed into an extremely stiff and painful knee), it was clinging to the bedclothes, even lovelier than before!

    Louve has great longevity (stronger and vastly more complex now than it was twelve hours ago) and a sillage that is sufficiently strong while not overpowering.

    It is not often that I simply want to sneak off and smell myself, gratified by the thought that I truly smell beautiful--but I do when I'm wearing Louve.

    07th June, 2010

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