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    Metal Jeans Men by Versace

    This is a different one. I bought this in January, and was shocked others thought of this as a good one. It was so putrid and not what I was expecting at all. I had thought I got a bad batch, but I wore some today and I must say it is much much better in summertime. The other more favorable notes pick up and thrive only in the heat. If you like YSL or Ed Hardy Love & Luck, Metal jeans is a similar category [putrid as i call it] scent that may be for you. It is the kind of scent you must wear in the right weather, not forcing yourself to wear it everyday*****
    I hated this scent when I first got it in the mail. I had looked so hard to find it and had to wait longer for the right day to come by chance and have this scent reveal its potential. It dies in the cold, leaving behind an odd smell on my skin. When wearing this in summertime, it brightens up and i get the watermelony notes. It does lose its fruity scent fairly fast, but it keeps making comebacks in the heat when im wearing it. The basenotes are very nice. its part the beginning\\ part something new. This is probably the best stage because you can still catch the earlier notes (unlike other fragrances) but a thicker base is apparent too.

    29th July, 2009

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