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    DKNY Red Delicious Men by Donna Karan

    I get a blast of rum/ booze at first, and lowers down on my skin to apples and grapefruit, i also get a bit of either brown sugar or cinnamon. It doesnt really have a lot going on at once, but it is complex, which is nice. It is a scent which probably will not get mistaken for another (besides regular be delicious of course) It stays horribly low on the skin, yet is thick. It has a 'sticky' aspect to it, kinda like a kid slapped your arm with a lollipop. I remember this really wowed me when i first tried it in store, and i bought it a few years later after it disappeared in stores.
    zztopp is right, you must overdose on this. by overdose, i mean 5-6 sprays instead of the usual 2-3. too little sprays and your like wth, its hardly there. go for 5-6 and you've got yourself a nice thick fragrance which doesnt project itself really far. I like this fragrance, but it has its problems. the booze notes are not my thing, as i do not want to get mistaken for an alcoholic. I feel like im spreading honey or some thick juice on my body whenever i wear this, but it is only appealing to me when i go overboard. This scent has an afterscent. When closeby you smell the rum and some fruits, but the further you get from it, the more the apple note sticks in your nose. I guess its just too much for my nose to handle. due to its thickness, it should be a great winter fruity scent-- not many fruity scents can survive in the dead cold of winter, but I think this is the contender for that fight. I got this last summer and 2-3 sprays would give me a headache on a hot day. its pleasant but it can become overbearing. I personally prefer fragrances that 'power up' as my body heats up, and like i just said, this one only gets overbearing as your body heat intensifies.

    complex, but it can be a great scent. Ill be testing it out again in the winter time. I can envision it mixing great with the light crisp winter air. summertime = too much.

    30th July, 2009

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