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    Sunset Heat for Men by Escada

    at first test, you will know this fragrance. It is sweet, very fruity and perfect for a summer vacation. It doesnt last as long as I would like, but I can see it giving me a headache if it were any stronger. When I sprayed this on a sample card, it dried down to a feminine powdery scent, but on my skin it fades down to a non-existent base. my main complaint with it was the feminine notes lurking on that card, but my bottle is halfway gone and I have yet to discover that note on my skin.
    I bought two bottles at a tjmaxx for about $20-25 each. They had a giftset there last time i stopped in, but someone had taken the bottle.... not that I really need any more of it, but the shower gel would have been nice to have. Like another said before, I am able to apply this in the morning and switch up my fragrance later on in the day without any mixing going on after it has faded away.

    Definitely worth checking out. Its a love it or hate it kind of thing due to it being aimed at the younger crowd. It is sad this is discontinued, I have an extra bottle on hand, but I would really like to pair it with the shower gel for the complete fragrance aura. Great affordable fragrance, I just do not want to get ripped off when I go to pickup another bottle years from now.

    28th July, 2009

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