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    Very Irresistible for Men Fresh Attitude by Givenchy

    Received this in the mail today, and wore it to work. It starts off creamy, with a top of mint- the mint leaves and it goes to the mid notes/base. It is heavy and consistent the entire time its on my skin. It lasts a long time, and hardly changes at all. The main notes in this remind me of a new age "barbershop " cologne- it has that typical cologne smell, but its one of its own. I would compare it to a shaving cream scent, that is creamy and tasty. A lil ways into the fragrances lifespan, a new note emerges- im not sure if its a light pepper or a type of wood- either way, its great. Fahrenheit is too strong of a pepper scent for me, and fresh attitude is of a new category, one i can enjoy wearing.

    This scent reminds me of a guy in his late 20s- early 30s, 5 o clock shadow- chiseled face and great clothes. While working out, the scent only intensified, and I faintly regretted the 3 sprays, as 2 is more than enough. It is now winter, and I expect this fragrance to be unwearable in summer time, because it is Very Heavy and Thick. Its a great winter fragrance, which is why I purchased it.

    11th December, 2008

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