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    cK one Summer 2007 by Calvin Klein

    This begins with a grapefruit tartness to it, and keeps the citrus scent throughout its lifetime. It is very nice, but as a man, I couldn't find myself wearing it too much. I think this is perfect as a woman's scent, just as I have said with other ck one scents (electric). One of the greatest things about hte ck one summer series is that you can find the match for you-- there are many yet only a few appeal to me as a guy.
    This still gets a thumbs up, I would find myself wearing this frequently, and it seemed to last me a long while. This one helped me through spring, yet got too powerful for me in summer (I dont like the lower notes on this one-- which intensify with heat. If you like the entire scent, this is only a good thing). If you like citrus sour scents, this one is for you. The tartness of the lasting grapefruit is what appealed most to me. It also gives off a very nice Clean vibe to it, yet has Zero trace of that soapy smell I come across so often in fragrances. It worked great for me in the colder spring months, and only turned up with the summer heat. Test this one out, if you like it, its a keeper which will continually please.

    13th August, 2009

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