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    Boss in Motion White Edition by Hugo Boss

    I did a blind buy of this one after reading the fragrance notes here on basenotes. It is similar to Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue, only instead of the Mediterranean lemon notes, it has a slight citrus tinge to it. I prefer it over light blue btw.

    The original boss in motion was obivously an orange fragrance, full and pleasant-noticeably there. White edition is very light, it hangs close to the body and lasts a long time on my body. I have very few fragrances which project such a short range,, and in this fragrances case, it is not necessarily a bad thing. I still havent pinpointed the perfect occasion to wear this, as it is a bit sporty, a bit refined, somewhat casual and works really well--only it does not stand out in any huge way.
    To wrap it up, this is a great light scent that hangs close to the body-- great for days when you wanna keep your loved one close. light, yet apparent that it is there.

    im giving it a neutral rating because i expected it to be more like the original (aka citrus gourmand type) based on the ingredient pyramid. good, yet not amazing. not at all bad though too.

    28th July, 2009

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