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    Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

    A fascinating, multi-faceted masterwork, Boucheron PH is a puzzling beast, and watching the reactions it elicits and trying to deconstruct them is fascinating. Is it really a "formal" scent for "over-40" people? Why?

    Like many great scents, BPH is timeless. Its concentrated citrus blast is heavily reminiscent of other 60s and 70s citrus screamers like Monsieur Balmain and YSL Pour Home -- both in its philosophy and its execution, although the Boucheron's soapy verbana-laced tones distinguish it from its citrusy brethren. Its aromatic and woody progression is simply wonderful - a cool, velvety journey that just smells great. And it is VERY powerful. The EDP that I own requires only a couple of split-second sprays to make a difference -- and one that lasts the whole day. In spirit (and uncompromising quality level), BPH is almost more Chanel than recent Chanel scents.

    I strongly suspect that it is BPH's classic construction, and its elegant, stodgy and almost architectural packaging, that cause most people to think of this as an older person's scent for formal occasions. But you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you pass this one by for those reasons. That said -- if you do like relentlessly modern fruity and gourmandy scents, move along, as this one is the antithesis of that category.

    31st August, 2008

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