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    L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

    A really remarkable scent which -- like Acqua di Gio, another of Monsieur Cavallier's creations -- thoroughly deserves its success based purely on its own merits (OK, you can shoot me now). Consider the following:

    - It is a citrus, yet it lasts forever (much like Boucheron PH). And this isn't a case of being able to last by standing on a non-citrusy drydown -- the drydown holds down its lemony anchor until its last dying breath. In warm / moderate weather it lasts upwards of 8 hours on me with a few very abbreviated sprays, and in cold weather, well north of 12 hours.

    - It's a citrus that's different from all other citrii due to very distinct floral elements that make themselves known fairly quickly. So don't pay any attention to people that say that this is a citrus like any other -- it isn't. You will not confuse l'eau d'Issey for anything else. It's quirky, distinctive and imaginative. As a result, 15 years after its launch, it still smells thoroughly contemporary and sophisticated.

    - The citrus smells rich and intensely natural... again, like Boucheron PH's. This is not the liquid carbon dioxide mojito that far too many modern aquatics smell like.

    Smells great, smells fundamentally unlike anything else, and lasts forever. What more could one possibly want of a great scent? And why would one deprive oneself of the opportunity to wear it because "it's too popular"? Life's too short, my friends. An enduring classic -- and a classic for a reason.

    19th January, 2009

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