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    Fendi by Fendi

    Palazzo opens in a burst of soapy freshness; however, it is a smooth, refined soap with very little bite. It reminds me of high end hotel soap, basting on your arm in the blasting sun of a place like Rome or Sicily. In fact, "Palazzo" has similar qualities to D&G's "Sicily" or "Stella" by Stella McCartney; all three boast a crisp aldehydic or rosy-sweet streak that keeps an otherwise soapy fragrance from going sour. Both "Sicily" and "Palazzo" have hints of sweetness that keep the aldehydes from developing into their usual pinchiness--that of something likened to polished marble. No metallic, cool dominance, here...only gentle, subtle incense.Upon drydown, we're left with a smooth, spicy wood that reminds me of "Nag Champa" incense or imported ayurveda soap.

    "Palazzo" is a truly lovely fragrance that will leave one with a sense of distinct sensuality; people will guess that it's primarily your skin they're smelling and the impression of fragrance will be minimal but distinctive. It's a sort of tranquil, intellectual scent; I can imagine a monastery or temple smelling of "Palazzo". It's marketed as a feminine fragrance but with it's subtle woody undertones makes it a strong unisex contender as well as a general atmospheric scent. Some people will compliment you outright; others will simply contemplate you as they experience "Palazzo"'s unusual sillage.

    "Fendi" fragrances sort of simmer in the background of the mainstream fragrance market, yet are profoundly unique from their competition. As such, "Palazzo" is available and very affordable.

    13th January, 2008

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