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    FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

    Originally intending to buy the EdP, I decided instead to plump for the Le Parfum satin spray after reading glowing reviews of it here. We must be smelling a different product. Yuk! What a horror. "Satin" is about all they could call the consistency since it defies description; a slightly greasy look and feel; it certainly isn't perfume proper. It could pass for a perfumed deodorant. Probably as a result of its slightly gloopy texture, it has no depth or staying power at all; if my nose is more than a couple of inches away from my wrist, I can barely smell it. It dries to almost nothing and can be wiped off the wrist. Spraying it on my clothes, it fares slightly better but not much. The smell is thin and linear; it lacks all of the body, cleanliness, warmth and complexity (such as it is) and of the EdP and instead dries to a trickle of dirty, stale vanilla fudge. Basically, I smell as if I've been baking toffee cookies including the fetidity of kitchen silage. Yuk! Avoid unless you have money to burn. It is going back on ebay!

    24th October, 2007

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