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    Calandre by Paco Rabanne

    With the exception of Chamade which my mother used to wear back in the early 70's, there are few fragrances that stimulate the memory for me more than Eau de Calandre (there is a similarity between the two fragrances; a kind of olfactory purity). I can still remember seeing the heavy, silver edged, masculine and expensive looking bottle shining on the shelf behind the sales assistant in a perfume shop in belgium back in 1982 and desperately coveting it; it was The One For Me; nothing girly or samey about this fragrance. Even now, the sight of that bottle brings back the same feelings of awe and mystery that I experienced as a teenager. I remember having a tantrum because my mother wouldn't buy it for me.

    I was prompted to repurchase a bottle a few years ago after my mother reminded me of it and the memories of that day came flooding back.

    Calandre is so unique and possesses all the elements that I love. It is what I call a masculine fragrance for a woman; uncluttered, clean and unfussy green aldehydes with Vetiver/Sandal base notes but it also has warmth and non-confirmity written all over it; it is the exact opposite of the current crop of bland and onesizefitsall frags currently littering the department stores.

    There is something magical about Eau de Calandre. It is a silvery, sparkling, timeless classic.

    20th October, 2007

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