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    Elle by Yves Saint Laurent

    When I first sniffed this, I nearly gagged; it is sickly synthetic; STRONG. Seriously pungent in the YSL style. I resisted spraying it on myself in the interests of good taste and the people that I was travelling on public transport with. On another visit to the department store, I decided to give it a spray and forgot about it. Later that day, I found myself strangely drawn to its warm woodiness. It is one of those fragrances that you spray on a card and leave in a pocket or a handbag for a few days and begin to wonder what the nice smell is wafting upwards..

    After about an hour or so, when the worst excesses of the sickly sweetness has died off, the warm woodiness of the patchouli and vetiver begin to appear. Leave it for longer and it smells even better. But beware, only a long distance spray is required or a soupcon on your clothes otherwise you could clear a room pretty quickly. I have a little tester, but whether or not I will indulge in a full bottle remains to be seen; it has major headache potential and a weighty price tag.

    Judging by the ad campaign, elle is targeted at a 20 something market. However, I think it is suitable for almost any age as long as it is sprayed sparingly...

    24th October, 2007

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