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    Infusion d'Iris by Prada

    Infusion d'iris is destined to become a Classic. It is simply beautiful. It seemed too floral for my taste on first whiff but I fell in love with its understated seductive charm almost immediately. Definitely a new signature scent for me.

    One of the most complete fragrances I have ever smelled; nothing is missing and it could not be improved upon. There is complexity but not in an obviously structured top note, drydown manner; rather I would say it is fullsome; all of the notes are present. Fresh and clean yet warm and inviting, feminine and masculine, light and dark, youthful but wise, sophisticated but approachable and like all the best fragrances, deceptively simple and effortless. In a word CLASS. Perhaps for that reason it is very versatile and easy to wear; I can't imagine an occasion where you couldn't wear it. If you prefer something bottom heavy with a dark note, it may not be for you; I say MAY; however, I defy anyone not to love this, even the hardcore oriental and patchouli crowd. It is not moody or changeable; it stays near to the skin and is reliably consistent from first spray; it doesn't morph into something completely different that rears up unexpectedly and makes me feel unwell...

    I hummed and hawed for some months about whether to purchase after much loitering and spraying in the department store; I decided I couldn't live without it. It is one of the most expensive perfumes out there but unlike many others, it is worth the heavy price tag. Sheer genius. Put it on your xmas list and expect to be complimented.

    19th October, 2007

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