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    Coriolan by Guerlain

    Oh, this is one of my favourite fragrances. The very first second I smelt this I knew we were going to get on very well.

    It is an etherial scent which has a similar ability to befuddle the nose as Heritage. With Heritage if you spray it onto the back of the hand and wait say, an hour, it does something very unusual. If you smell it from two or three inches, it smells completely different to smelling your skin directly, projecting notes into an aura around you which at close examination are lost.

    So is it with Coriolan. As with most Guerlains the progression from top to basenotes is smoother than honey down velvet. It's sweet too, but not cloyingly so - yet women can and do wear this well.

    The mid range mix of juniper and spices is delicious and perfect for a warm day, but it's the blend of Oakmoss, Patchouli and Everlasting Flower which is it's party piece. The Everlasting Flower floats above the skin supported by the best notes of Patchouli, the sweet warmth rather than the oily heavyness, underneath which the Oakmoss adds a delicious breadth.

    This is never going to win awards for sillage. You should avoid this if you want to walk into a room and have everyone notice you.

    But, if you want to exude an air of quiet confidence; if you want women to want to smell you because they just caught the faintest whiff of something sooo subtle but wonderful then wear this.

    This is not a fragrance for men who have to try too hard. It is not for angry young men.

    It is for men.

    It is being relaunched by Guerlain as L'Ame D'Un Heros (The Soul Of A Hero) and that's a pretty good title really. Understated strength and charisma.

    Oh and if you can get the original in the original bottle, do so, it's a classic!

    02nd April, 2008

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