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    Castile by Penhaligon's

    OMG, I cannot believe what some of the reviews here have said.

    This is a spectacular fragrance. The neroli opening is a magnificent opening to an orange blossom heart. Quite simply this is a lovely floral yet curiously masculine scent.

    This is like many great masculine scents, effortlessly so. This projects the levels of refinement you would expect of Heritage yet with a much fresher, livelier feel. It is what Chanel Monsieur would aspire to. This is a fresh citrussy (but not lemony) fragrance that has both longevity and sillage for a long time.

    I disagree also that there are no crisp notes here, yes there are! (Although I accept that is going to depend on skin type.)

    Creed lovers should take time out to consider this. It is a classic, elegant, fresh and articulate fragrance that any man who considers himself knowledgeable about fragrance should have as a de rigeur purchase.

    This is the purchase that the real man should consider when faced with a choice between Blenheim Bouquet and Endymion. I would buy this every time. It carries more class, more elegance and more savoir faire than either of them.

    Highly rated? You bet!

    08th April, 2008

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