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    Fleur de Liane by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    I completely agree with Ubuandibeme on this one except I'm not getting as much patchouli for some reason. Her review was spot on otherwise as I experienced it. I do see how you could get an aloe vera hint, not cantaloupe maybe but the green melon, and some ferns and lily of the valley. I think it's like stepping into the rainforest after a cool, gentle rain. Right when the sun comes out and the freshness is peak because the sun has started to evaporate the rain drops off the flowers and surrounding undergrowth and the air is cool yet humid. Before the humidity turns sticky warm. I find this cool and fresh. It's lovely but not ground-breaking. It reminds me of a can of air freshener my Mother used to use in our house-no kidding. I have the memory of this type of scent locked away in my subconscious and it came to the surface immediately when I smelled this. I had forgotten it, but there it was back again. I doubt if I'll buy it but I can see how others would like it. It is perfectly enjoyable and lovely anyway.

    09th April, 2009

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