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    Millésime Impérial by Creed

    I sampled Unforgivable before I sampled Millesime Imperiale. All the rumours about Unforgivable being a Millesime Imperiale clone are true. They smell a lot alike, but Unforgivable has more citrus going on, while I detect a melon note in Millesime Imperiale. Unforgivable does not last long on my skin, but Millesime Imperiale does. Unforgivable was not the kind of fragrance that really suits me. Millesime Imperiale does not really fit with my personality either, but I do like it a lot better. It is casual and classy at the same time. I still like Acqua di Gio better than both of these fragrances (oops, I forgot that saying that is a blasphemy on basenotes :) ). And yes, this fragrance has a tendency to grow on you. I do not think I will buy a bottle of it, but I think I will buy a new sample of this scent. Millesime Imperiale is a good fragrance and I have been doubting between thumbs up or neutral. There is something very likeable in the dry down that I find hard to describe, that shifted the balance for me to thumbs up.

    01st July, 2009

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