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    Joy by Jean Patou

    This review is on the parfum from 2007.

    I first tried the EdT, and it was terrific. The top is so delicious and addictive. Unfortunately, the scent fades relatively quickly. After an hour, I cannot detect any of it on me. But it is very nice on clothes! Then I wanted to try the EdP, however, the extrait overtook it :)

    The pure parfum starts in the same manner as the EdT, of course - due to the higher quility of the ingredients, it is denser and richer, and it promises a better developement. Like a bubble you are blowing bigger and bigger. I smell the jasmine and some lily-of-the-valley, roses emerge here and there. I haven't smelled the ylang-ylang and the tuberose, but I am sure - as with all classic fragrances - more and more surprises are held hidden in it, and I will detect them when I better get to know this juice. After all, I am writing this just after the second time, I have dabbed it on me for exploration. It last at least 4 hours on my wrist - bearing in mind that it was rubbed against the jacket! I agree with all reviewers, who find the dry-down dirty and animalic.

    I can only recommend this scent to the right person in an appropriate dose. It is not the usual mass floral girly thing. It is best-suited, in my opinion, for an opera visit - great and big and perhaps dramatic. I am very contented that it is not widely distributed, and I hope it will be out there for a long, long time!

    22nd October, 2009

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