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    Noir by Christian Lacroix

    I can understand why people would see this as a 'let down.' But it must be appreciated for what it is.

    It is a pleasant, spicy, honest scent that is elegant in its simplicity. I am very surprised to see that pepper is not listed as one of its notes, because I kind of get that particular note from this combination, but it's probably just my imagination. Yes, it is not 'noir' at all, I do agree. But there is a likability in this - a sense of freedom almost.

    It is light, but not citrus-y. Spicy instead with a light-hand. The cedar, musk and vetiver base is not at all original, I agree, but if you are going to have one or two light mainstream fragrances with respectable longevity that are not edgy rather conventional, Noir can be an excellent choice. The opening is saffron flower, ginger and grapefruit leaves. It is an interesting opening, though familiar. The linear movement of the fragrance is smooth, and not surprising. It is not too bold, but spicy enough to make sense. The heart notes are grassy and dry, but it is not particularly green. There is orris root, cardamom, and they claim there is something else in there called 'cactus pear' note. I do not know what that is, so I cannot really detect it.

    It is not uncommon for mainstream fragrance companies to list exotic imaginary notes in fragrances that are not actually in the composition just to seem more exclusive, and even though I don't blame Avon for doing this, this fragrance does not include anything too exotic or unattainable. That is that.

    I like this scent, and prefer to wear it in between days when I grow tired of wearing the usual heavy and bold choices, which tend to be more my flare. It creates a nice balance. Plus, it is nice to find a cheaper mainstream light frag that does not heavily rely on citruses, and still smell elegant and expensive. The bottle, though gorgeous in concept, does not look as chic and precious in real life. Still nice; it has that 'Lacroix aesthetic'.

    This is a Avon scent though: it is not daring and envelope-pushing as Lacroix fashions. I feel like this is almost like a celeb scent, in which they only used the designer's name, and not particularly his innate personality.

    10th September, 2008 (Last Edited: 20th June, 2009)

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