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    Infusion d'Homme by Prada

    This is barely a masculine scent. Barely. Maybe not even.

    Another gender-bending creation by Prada which will be used more by women than men. I do not really believe in gender in scents, yet calling this frag 'Infusion d'Homme' is a tad lame.

    It has that signature Prada synthetic-ness to it and this time -for the first time- it really really bothers me. Incredibly plastic-y and sticky, Infusion d'Homme is so close to its older sister, one wonders why Prada did even bother to release a scent, which anyone can create themselves by mixing Infusion d'Iris and Prada Amber Pour Homme.

    It is incredibly flower-y and almost acrid. Unbearable at times, it hurts the nose after a while. The plastic flowers are that sharp in it. Infusion d'Iris had reminded me of this baby shampoo my mom used to wash my hair when I was like 3-4 years old. It has a sense of creamy innocence. Yet I do not know if it possesses a sense of grown-up sophistication. In Infusion d'Homme's case, I think the perfumers have fallen in love with the feminine version so much, that they tried to twist it so little and try to make it look 'masculine.' That is quite troublesome, because this is what I would call more of a let-down of a scent.

    The notes are neroli flower, iris, vetiver, cedar, olibanum resin, and benzoin. The only difference of the scent from the feminine version is the lack of mandarin and incense (which doesn't even matter really since nobody does smell the so-called 'incense' in Infusion d'Iris.)

    This is a scent I would never consider using even though I really enjoy Amber pour Homme. Its deep lack of unique character is being attempted to be filled by a very synthetic approach of scent making that I absolutely detest. The only reason why I am giving it a neutral grading is because this scent will make a lot of people feel unique. Moreover, as any other Prada scent, it is very well-blended which is rather hard thing to accomplish.

    Also, this is the exact type of scent that will not alter itself on different types of skin chemistry: it is so synthetic that on anyone, it will smell exactly like how it does on paper. The bottle is insignificant, and it is the same with Infusion d'Iris with a more earthy subdued color palette. The bottles lack the minimalistic elegance of the original Prada womens scents and Amber pour Homme.

    I do not understand what type of a man Prada aims to create, yet 'the man of the 21st Century' should not be this robotic and cold. This is a scent that just does not feel like a human's scent.

    23rd October, 2008

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