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    Dunhill Black by Dunhill

    Oh Dunhill Dunhill Dunhill ..... What have you become? The quality days of Edition are long gone and that past master is becoming a memory. This modern junk annoys. Synthetic pap. Why do your bottles not have the name of the fragrance on them? Isit because even the bottle is ashamed of it ! The usual commercial stuff being churned out. London was overly sweet and fleeting ( with the rose making it overly effeminate too ) and this tries to sell on the basis of "nettle" accord. I have never gone close enough to nettles to absorb any aroma they give off and the only asociation i get is one of pain. Ah yes... pay 38 for an "unmarked" bottle of this, realise it is pointless and feel the nettle ( ie pain! ). Dunhill Edition 1984 issue was very clever with great sillage and longevity. As i said a past master ( from packaging to bottle to fragrance to reputation ) .

    18th June, 2009

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