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    Shalimar by Guerlain

    I came to know Shalimar through my mother-in-law's wardrobe. I was in my early twenties. It fascinated me. I had mixed feelings about it. It's pungent (to my senses) opening gave way all too soon to a sweet powdery wave that stayed for a very long time. Old lady's? Sometimes I think YES! And then I am not so sure. I wore it for a long time, but stopped when it began to make my skin itchy and red. I think it is a little too heavy for me. It is chic, elegant, but it is also something that does not match my way of life. Perhaps is meant for a well-dressed lady in a cold weather. Very self confident and mysterious. Maybe driving a leather upholstered car. Not for a woman who longs for her weekend strolls along the beach while she drives to work early in the morning in capri pants and t-shirts, listening to Ventura Highway and Summer Breeze and Rain Must Fall, water still dripping from her hair, pearly pink foolproof lipstick hurriedly applied, looking forward for her first cup of coffee of the day. Anyway, for all the sophisticated ladies in this world, a thumbs up.

    05th May, 2008

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