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    Allure Homme Sport Cologne by Chanel

    I'm not saying this one is for everyone.

    After all, the bastard half-brother of the sport version of one of the less-respected men's Chanel is doomed to struggle in order to make a name for itself.

    Pure Agression. That's how I'd describe it.

    It opens with a razor-sharp citrus accord that, altough arguably one dimensional and lacking complexity, is powerful and overwhelming in a good way.

    It is then a pleasure to detect the elemi middle note, the spices, the barely detectable coriander (just how I like it).

    The cedar and musk base add a discrete seductive-sexy quality to this otherwise ultra-dominant fragrance.

    I'm really trying to keep this a sport frangrance, and only use it when I actually work out, because I'm afraid it's a narcissist's fragrance, the intoxicating blast, if you can survive it, gives an intense psychological boost and by the time you're done with exercice, the sexy drydown leaves a strong feeling of confidence.

    21st April, 2008

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