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    A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

    At a perfumery in Venice I once talked to a salesman who held the fragrances of Creed in highest regards ("Green Irish Tweed is probably the best fragrance ever made") while bashing A*Men for its tasteless vulgarity ("This one is a mess."). I have to agree because I agree with his premises: From the viewpoint of "high perfumery" this one i s an olfactory monster that cannot be judged in comparison with fragrances from e.g. Creed and, most of all, Serge Lutens.

    It has its own dignity. If one accepts wearing something utterly popular and mass appealing, one can grow to like this one. I turn to A*Men from time to time when I get bored by wearing my other scents (which doesn't happen all that often), when I don't feel strong enough to put on something more superior (like any of the Serge Lutens'). And then the gourmand aspect of A*Men seems to me a revelation. It's always new to me. But I usually go through the same development: Initial joy vanishes and then comes this not to chase away feeling: Guy, you have put on something which protects you from being taken serious. It's true: A*Men is a "fun" fragrance, but not one you could wear to make a statement other than that you are a clown.

    Therefore I have had "olfactory success" with women. Many contemporary women tend to like the clown aspect of a man, because it makes controlling him easier. Many fear self-conscious men that are wearing something brutally regardless of what others think. A*Men, applied lightly, might make you a conquerer: But be aware that your conquest is rotten from the beginning!A*Men is the ultimate fragrance of self-deceit.

    03rd April, 2007

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