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    Chergui by Serge Lutens

    I bought Chergui in Rome as the first of my permanently growing collection of fragrances by Serge Lutens. As much as I appreciate all the others: This is the one I love, and this is the one I barely use because the situation has to be so special that it's on the height of the fragrance. "If I could have only one..." - you know how this phrase should end. But this time it's true: Chergui i s my holy grail, the most precious one - regardless of availability or price - in my collection.

    I have made the experience that, although others describe it as "sunny", it doesn't suit me on warmer days. Much of its magic get's lost when the fragrance mixes with something so worldly like sweat.

    You know these sunny days, when you wonder where all the people around you come from. Where have they been during winter? Why do they have to be there? Chergui is not worthy to be worn among the crowd. It's holy character get's spoiled by the plebs of mind. I save it for lonely winter days, for pensive moments full of memory. This fragrance is my ultimate consolation.

    03rd April, 2007

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