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    Dunhill Black by Dunhill

    I was excited for this release and was hoping it was "better" than Dunhill London (which was OK but probably the most horrible longevity of anything I've ever tried). When Black was released, being in the US, it took me a lot of searching to get a sample. Eventually I got a few official vials from a kind Basenoter who went to Harrods. Black was an exclusive there. A week after I got these samples I saw Black in a discount shop... already!

    So I was geared for a disappointment. How did Dunhill's newest stuff "fall off the truck" so quickly?

    I quite like it. It's yet another fresh masculine so be prepared for that. It's good in its own merits where this green nettle accord is very aquatic, green and herbal with a small white floral heart note. Black, the word, suggests dark and mysterious, or even something dirty. Dunhill Black is neither. It's rather quite upfront about what it is and being fresh it's clean and polished.

    Better than Dunhill London. Not surprising that Dunhill coughed Black out so quickly after London's release.

    Very casual and youthful. It's a reluctant thumbs up. It's quite nice but nothing groundbreaking.

    24th April, 2009

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