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    Sander for Men by Jil Sander

    Sander opens with a relatively sharp, fresh opening that is immediately green and somewhat aquatic. I would not categorize this fragrance as aquatic, but it does smell watery Ė unlike most aquatics which simply attempt to imitate watery, fruity freshness. The ivy and mint combination in the top notes create the green, fresh opening. The ivy dominates as the scent transitions into the heart of spicy coriander, cardamom, and pepper. My untrained noise perceives the pepper note with only a vague discernment of the cardamom. Finally, I get cashmere, myrrh, and some woods in the base. The base is definitely familiar; the references to Gucci PH II and Hugo Boss Dark Blue are spot on (especially for GPH II).

    The overall experience is pleasant enough: an urban, trendy, fresh yet sexy eau de toilette. Unfortunately, I donít feel like this cologne offers enough punch to spark my interest. It smells good, but it doesnít deliver enough smell for the nose to enjoy. No wander this one came and went without anyone noticing. For me, itís a neutral due to its anemic nature.

    20th September, 2009

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