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    F pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

    I think this is a very competent, dare I say exceptional, scent. I don't find the accords especially synthetic and the warth that foetidus referred to is definitely something I've noticed. I have read that this is very similar to Terre d'Hermes, which has many fans and supporters here. Based on my limited exposure to Terre d'Hermes, I would say that there are some similarities in the opening, particularly in the use of the citric top notes, but F Pour Homme replaces the weird mineral note of TdH with a leathery warmth. All in all, I think it sets its self apart in this way and the result is an enjoyable and desirable fragrance. To make things even better, this fragrance lasts an average of 10hrs on my skin, spanning the entire work day with detectable sillage going into the evening. If its not your thing, then fine; I won't argue. To everyone else, its worth at least a sniff.

    01st June, 2010

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