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    Nahéma by Guerlain

    *This review is for current formulation extrait*

    Nahema is often referred to as Guerlain's big rose. Indeed, it currently is Guerlain's rose fragrance but there have been other such as Guerlarose (1930). It is also said not to contain any rose notes. I'm not sure, but it does contain damascones which supposedly support any true rose notes that are present.

    The damascones make for a very vibrant and slightly un-guerlainlike opening. They quickly settle on the skin however to give way to a restrained fruity note that is briefly reminiscent of Mitsouko and that gives off very little warmth. It actually reminds me more of cookie dough. In feeling, it also reminds me of Creed Virgin Island Water, which makes me think I finally 'got' the ylang-ylang note that's lurking in both frags.

    As the frag develops, more and more of the rose/peach qualities give way to the foody/woody base of this fragrance. The progression is very enjoyable and Nahema is the first to use the damascones but imho this fragrance has been somewhat rendered irrelevant to modern wearing due to other rose fragrance, most notably Une Rose by Frederic Malle, being much better. Still, thumbs up for a good fragrance and an distinctive piece of perfume history.

    14th June, 2009

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